Life is sweeter outside of Chico for Sugar Vasquez

Tyra Sugar Baby Vasquez  posing in a room full of vinyls
Tyra Sugar Baby Vasquez, a Chico State, moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the music industry. Photo courtesy of Tyra Vasquez.

“Today decides tomorrow” is Chico State’s motto. This is true for former Chico State student Tyra “Sugar Baby” Vasquez, who recently moved away from Chico after her sophomore year to pursue her dreams.

In the fall of 2014, Anita Rivas, professor in the music and theater department, introduced Vasquez to an internship in Los Angeles where she is now making a name for herself at Power 106.

Rivas also works as an attorney in the music Industry. One of her clients was Yesi Ortiz, a radio host personality and music director at Power 106, whose personal intern is now none other than Sugar Vasquez.

So what does a day look like at Power 106? For an intern, it’s more than just getting coffee— it’s a whole new learning experience.

“I would show up in the morning, look up news within the industry and gather bullet points so that Yesi could reference it while she was on air,” Vasquez said. “But what was really rewarding was being able to come up with research she needed for an artist. I would also do blog posts for her and write tweets.”

Vasquez In the KCSC radio room meditating.
Vasquez meditates in the KCSC radio room. Photo courtesy of Tyra Vasquez.

Vasquez’s career began at KCSC radio, Chico State’s Internet radio station. There, her passion for music grew unconditionally. She was recruited by KCSC radio and was the head of social media with an on-air show.

The decision to leave Chico and chase her dreams was not easy. However, remaining hungry and humble is Vasquez’s formula for a triumphant and productive life.

Vasquez with her Power 106 crew in the mix room along side: Disko Drew, Yesi Ortiz, and her board operator: Daniel.
Vasquez with her Power 106 crew in the mix room alongside Disko Drew, Yesi Ortiz and her board operator, Daniel. Photo courtesy of Tyra Vasquez.

To take advantage of the many great opportunities surrounding Vasquez, she had to take on two jobs.

But by taking risks and having a positive mindset, goals in life are always attainable. Like Vasquez, everyone faces challenges, especially in the music industry.

“I remember crying to my mom, ‘What if they don’t like me? What if I realize I have made a mistake? What if I have nothing to offer?,'” Vasquez said. “Rejection is scary. In the music industry, those insecurities are put on the spot. You have to do things very quickly and produce your content at a fast pace. The industry never sleeps.”

Vasquez and artist Kehlani at Power 106.
Vasquez chats up artist Kehlani at a Power 106 event. Photo courtesy of Tyra Vasquez.

“Be selfish and say, ‘This is me, this is my career and it comes before my love life, friends and before anything else.’ I don’t believe in faking it until you make it,” Vasquez said. “You have to sell your own self and if that doesn’t work, find another route. Stay true to yourself. There are so many people trying to do whatever you are trying to do. At the end of the day you are going to be your number one supporter.”

Vasquez is currently on the verge of meeting new artists like Fetty Wap and promoting music through social media where she posts about her life at Power 106. To keep up with Sugar and the artists she meets, follow her on social media.

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