Meat bees attack Plumas Hall bridge

Pest control sprays bees outside of Plumas. Photo credit: Miles Huffman
Pest control sprays bees outside of Plumas Hall. Photo credit: Miles Huffman

The Chico State campus was attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets this Wednesday afternoon.

Pest control arrived within 10 minutes of the attack and directed students to stay away from the heavily concentrated bushes of yellow jackets, also known as meat bees.

The Plumas Hall bridge has been barricaded due to the yellow jacket swarm and students are advised to take caution and use other bridges for crossing while the insects are exterminated.

“We probably saw about 18 people and one faculty today,” said Jill Cannaday, health center nursing supervisor. “Typically we don’t (treat faculty) however in an emergency situation, we’re here for anyone. We’re always gonna be there first line of care.”

The health center is open until 5 p.m. for students with injuries or in need of emergency care.

Here’s footage of pest control handling the situation today:

Meat bees swarm the bridge near Plumas. Pest control is on top of it. #chicostate @theorion

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