Zingg opens new Gus Magnolis bridge

Paul Zingg, president of Chico State, was the first person to test out the newly constructed Gus Magnolis bridge. Photo credit: George Johnston


A crowd gathered early this morning as Paul Zingg, president of Chico State, gave the commencement of the reconstructed Gus Magnolis bridge.

The new bridge was built after a tree fell and destroyed it last September.

“It’s great,” Zingg said. “It’s a 100 percent improvement over the last bridge and it will last 100 years.”

He walked across the bridge holding the hand of the great-grandson of Gus Magnolis, the man who the bridge is dedicated to.

Paul Zingg, president of Chico State, walked across the bridge with the family of Gus Magnolis. Photo credit: George Johnston


Chico State students were also in attendance during the ceremony.

Chico State students and faculty attended the ceremony and walked across the bridge. Photo credit: George Johnston


Zach Phillips, graduate student, thought the new bridge looked great.

“They did a good job building it nice and fast,” Phillips said.

Christopher Gordon, construction management major, helped worked on the bridge over the summer.

“I think it looks good,” Gordon said. “It’s not going anywhere.”

The new bridge will be open to the public starting today.

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