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Paris attacks should open students’ minds

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Illustration by Liz Coffee

Illustration by Liz Coffee

The attacks on Paris were horrendous, terrible acts of violence that are disturbing and chilling.

The attacks were orchestrated by ISIS and completed by radicals.

These horrors are happening every day all over the world.

Only a month ago, Kenya was attacked and 147 people died. On Nov. 12— just one day before the Paris attacks— Beirut was also the target of brutal attacks. Forty-three people died and the bombings left nearly 250 people injured.

There was no place for people to mark themselves safe on Facebook for these terrible, horrific events.

It’s understandable that the United States would anxiously consume news of a terrible event like this in a city such as Paris. Paris is important to United States culture. It’s romantic, it’s the idea of epic, beautiful adventure and it’s not too different from our own soil.

That doesn’t make it right.

People are living with the terrors of ISIS every single day.

The most important thing that people can do is be critical consumers of media and news.

In order to formulate opinions and to adequately make a difference, people have to remain educated and gain insight of the full picture.

Another issue with terrorism is the tendency to overgeneralize a group of people.

ISIS is not a representation of Islam. Al Qaeda was not a representation of Islam. Radicals of a belief system should not be the face of a group of people.

Muslims have to live with the terror and horror of ISIS outside their windows and in their bloodlines.

Students are the root of change. By educating themselves on the conflict, staying updated on the terrors in countries of all different cultures and statures, students can be the ones to demand adequate, fair and balanced coverage in this digital age.

Violence and evil have been present in this world long before Twitter and Facebook could make catastrophes trend instantly. However, in a time of instantaneous news, citizens have the power to see and consume anything and everything they want.

Just like anything, however, moderation and balance are the key. Don’t be afraid to not only peer over the fence at differences in the world. Leap over the fence and take the hand of someone unlike you.

We are humans together.

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Paris attacks should open students’ minds