Logic brings good vibes, music to Chico fairgrounds


The audience patiently awaits the arrival of Logic on stage. Photo credit: Romeo Espinal

Jesse De Mercurio

For Dollie Partida, first-year undeclared major, Logic’s appearance at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds on Feb. 10 at 8 p.m. was only her second concert ever and her first time seeing Logic. What made her decide to come out on a Wednesday night to see the Maryland rapper?

Dollie Partida, first-year undeclared major. Photo credit: Romeo Espinal

“He just seems pretty nice and the rhythm he has is just very chill,” Partida said. She attended the show with Monica Perez and was excited to spend the night with her new friend. Perez, first-year undeclared major, echoed Partida’s sentiments and said she likes Logic because he doesn’t rap about “just money and hoes and all that other stuff,” but also about the truth.

Monica Perez, first-year undeclared major. Photo credit: Romeo Espinal

“He’s really popular where I’m from,” Perez, the Santa Barbara native said. “A lot of people don’t know him around here.”

Her opinion may change, however, because two weeks beforehand, the concert originally slated to be at the Senator Theatre in Downtown Chico, had to be moved to the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds due to popular demand. The Commercial Building at the fairgrounds holds almost twice the capacity of the Senator.

The show didn’t just attract Chico State students, though. Attendees ranged from Butte students to Chico area locals and even some children that looked about 9-12 years old, accompanied by their parents of course. Jeremy Jett, first-year nursing major at Butte College, likes Logic because he’s not a “flashy-type rapper.”

Jeremy Jett, first-year nursing major at Butte College. Photo credit: Romeo Espinal

“He’s pretty low key,” Jett said before walking into the building with his friends. “He has some talent and he’s pretty good.”

Upon entering the building, a wall of marijuana smoke hit you, a theme which continued throughout the night. At one point, his opening act lit a joint onstage and, like clockwork, puffs of smoke started appearing all over the crowd. The party was just getting started.

They entertained the crowd for an hour, before a twenty-minute break while DJ Rhetorik’s stuff was being set up. He kept the crowd hyped for another twenty minutes before finally, at 9:45 p.m., almost two hours after the show had started, Logic made his entrance.

He spent the rest of the show rapping songs from his sophomore album, “The Incredible True Story,” from where the tour, The Incredible World Tour, gets its name. He also spent his time on stage talking to, joking and laughing with the crowd, creating a familial feeling. Jett had a few things he was excited about upon entering the show and Logic delivered.

“(I’m excited about) everyone just turnin’ up and having a good time,” he said. “Good vibes and some good music with friends.”

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