Rail ties being replaced in Chico


Crew member on West Sacramento Avenue gets ready to slow down traffic as construction to replace the railroad ties begin Photo credit: George Johnston

George Johnston

Construction to replace the railroad ties running through Chico began Sunday Feb. 21.

“They’re old and the nails are coming out,” John Gaston, a crew member on site explained.

By law, railroad ties are to be replaced every so many years to maintain the railroad said Sunny Shea, another crew member on site.

All avenues and streets in Chico intersecting with the railroad were effected by this construction.

Crews were at every intersection to slow down traffic while the ties were being replaced.

The replacement is apart of the “eight days on and eight days off’ construction model. Crews will work eight days then take eight days off.

Construction on the rail ties will end Tuesday before beginning again on Feb. 29.

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