Man survives after shooting himself at Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity


Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Michael Catelli

Chico Police Department

Call Type: Sex Battery 9:47 a.m., Nord Avenue

Two 21 year old females in the ER, were at this location (Nord) last night, both blacked out, one woke up without her panties, the other doesn’t remember anything.

Call Type: Drunk In Public 10:01 a.m., Humboldt Avenue

Female walking down the street with a bottle of wine and her pants down, She is walking back and forth along Humboldt Avenue.

Call Type: Negligent Discharge of Firearm 9:17 p.m., Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity

Patient in the ER who accidentally shot himself in the hand. Patient stated he was cleaning his gun and it went off.

Call Type: Drunk In Public 10:02 p.m., Oak Dale Street

Subject has been sitting near the corner taking his pants off.

University Police Department

Call Type: Suspicious Subject 12:16 p.m., Lassen Hall

Suspicious activity, unable to locate.