Springing out of the house

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Apartments and dorms become jails for active students when the cold weather forces them to seek shelter.

The weather of late shows signs of change for this dreary expectancy, however.

Recently the sun has broken through thick rain clouds and foreshadowed mild spring warmth, encouraging students to toss a ball outside or simply stroll around.

Chico hasn’t completely broken from overcast weather so it’s smart to check the WeatherChannel app before heading outside in shorts and tank-tops.

This unexpected turnaround doesn’t guarantee consistent warm weather, but still means good news for those who appreciate the outdoors.

Chico State’s community reacts to this change in many different ways.

First, there will be many more groups of loud, inebriated people partying on their property or walking around during the day and night.

You don’t have to walk far on a sunny day to be reminded that Chico will party whenever opportunity arises. Houses host groups of students shooting beer pong and drinking beers on the lawn.

Additionally, the sports fields by Yolo Hall host lively games of soccer, tennis, football and other sports. The golf holes even allow people to practice putts or chips in the area near Yolo Hall.

This space is awesome for groups of friends who want large fields to play friendly games in the neighborhood. Aside from somewhat shoddy grass conditions and occasional bees pollinating the flowers, Chico State students are provided with a place to play whatever sport a group prefers. This space will likely be very popular on upcoming sunny days.

Soon people will seek pools for fun social locations.

Chico residents know how to access areas like swimming pools or volleyball courts because they are such popular places to stay cool or play during warm days.

Many locations and complexes have such areas, like Timber Creek Apartments, Nord Gardens and the Wrec. Most students know people who can give them access to areas like these, but can also simply make friends who might let them in on these beautiful days.

Finally, on a warm day students should take a trip to scenic Bidwell Park to hike to a beautiful location or take a dip in the creek at one of the trail spots. Students who have explored Bidwell Park and know its beauty will likely use any opportunity to return and enjoy a carefree day in nature.

The paths and creek provide exciting treks for nature-lovers who can work up a sweat for a fun day. Being one of Chico’s greatest attractions, the park will see dramatic increases in visiting students on warmer days when the water is a little less cold.

Many students feel motivation and excitement renewed for summer after glimpsing a bit of the town’s signature warmth.

Hopefully new-to-Chico and long-time residents make the most of the weather once these days become more consistent.

Few places are as beautiful or fun as Chico, California, during its inviting and beautiful spring season.

Sean Daly can be reached at [email protected] or @sdaly3orion on Twitter.