Chico police rethink city ordinance and homeless resources


City council is thinking about expanding the Public Property Ordinance city wide Photo credit: Catalina Friz

Michelle Zhu

The Chico Police Department may be able to establish more trust and resources among the homeless community.

The Chico City Council and the the Chico Police Department are considering installing a 24-hour downtown public restroom, as well as expanding the Offenses Against Public Property Ordinance. 

With the number of deceased persons and crimes in the homeless community, the Chico Police Department wants to provide alternatives.

“We want to have supportive options available to people if we’re telling them they can’t do something,” said Scott Zuschin, sergeant for the Chico Police Department.

Chico Police Deputy Chief Dave Britt says their priority is to help the homeless community function with services and resources. They want to focus on compassion and accountability. If the homeless refuse to avail themselves of resources, that’s when the accountability comes in, he said.

Britt says the citywide ordinance will make rules even across the city, and it will give the officials more tools to connect people with resources.

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