Alton Brown to serve up show in Chico

Photo courtesy of Chico Performances
Photo courtesy of Chico Performances

Quirky food experiments, scientific antics and a dash of the Food Network makes for a recipe of food talk and stand up comedy in Alton Brown’s 2013 “Edible Inevitable Tour.”

Join the food fanatics on Sunday, October 27 at 7:30 p.m. in Laxson Auditorium. This 90-minute show presented by Chico Performances will have you intrigued as Brown shows off his cooking techniques, jokes, and his new music hits ““Airport Shrimp Blues” and “TV Cookin Ain’t Like No Other Cookin.”

Brown found his love for food at an early age with the help of his mother and grandmother. His skills as a cinematographer and commercial director led to his change in career paths when he found himself watching cooking shows and realizing how boring and uneducated they sounded.

This inspired Brown and he left the film business to pursue cooking at the New England Culinary Institute. With his experience, Brown created “Good Eats,” an award winning program about science and cooking techniques.

The show has been airing for 13 years and also incorporates the history of different dishes that are quick and simple. He also discusses the advantages of different kinds of cooking equipment.

Along with being a chef, Brown is an author, television personality, and actor. He has won two James Beard Foundation Awards. His book “I’m Just Here for the Food” won Best Cookbook and he was awarded outstanding television host on “Good Eats.”

Tickets for Brown’s Sunday performance are available at the University Box Office.

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