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  • Meet our Alumni: Melody Gutierrez


    Meet our Alumni: Melody Gutierrez

  • Created by Ariana Powell on Aug. 28.

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  • Con Café: Jerry

    Arts & Entertainment

    Con Café: Jerry

  • Students attend the walkout and stand together. One holds a sign that reads, 32 days 10,000 deaths this is genocide not war.


    Muslim students face harassment at Chico High: Walkout for cease-fire

  • A SWAT team arrives on the property with the suspect inside the house.


    Chico Police Department and SWAT team respond to a burglary on Eighth St.

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A guide to binge watching

Netflix is one of the top streaming services used to binge. Photo from official Netflix Facebook page.

Some run marathons, others watch them.

Binge watching: noun. The practice of watching multiple episodes of a television program at a rapid pace, typically on DVDs or digital streaming.

The phenomenon of binge watching has become increasingly popular in recent years following the release of digital streaming sites. It is a common activity among college students. The term “Netflix and chill” was coined in 2015 and quickly became a well-known slang. In order to maximize one’s binge watching experience, I have come up with a list of key tips to follow.

1. A subscription to a television streaming site is crucial. You need to have the ability to watch episodes back-to-back. Netflix and Hulu are common sites; others may prefer the selection that Amazon Prime offers. If you don’t have one of these, borrowing login information from someone you know is the next best thing. Borrow your mom’s account, a friend, roommate, even your ex if you still have it.

2. Have a device. Now that you have your streaming site, you’ll need a device to watch it on. The most conventional choice would be a laptop, but those with a smart TV, phone or an HDMI chord, can opt to watch their show on a larger or smaller screen.

3. Have snacks ready. You’re going to be binge watching, which means you won’t be getting up for a while. Prepare for this by stocking up on snacks beforehand. Get an assortment of different chips, candy, ice cream, etc., to achieve maximum results.

4. Find a comfortable spot. Sitting or lying in the same place for a long period requires a comfy surface. Be sure to have at least one pillow on hand for proper head elevation.

5. Know the shows. Verse yourself on the top binge-worthy shows to choose from. Buzzfeed came up with a list of the 33 best TV shows to binge watch. Among the top five are “Breaking Bad,” “Friends,” “Mad Men,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Gossip Girl.” Find the complete list here.

6. Schedule breaks. If you happen to select Netflix for your streaming experience, be prepared for regular breaks every few episodes where the program will pause to ask, “Are you still watching?” You are given the option to select “continue watching” and “back to browse.” You know what to do.

7. Find a new show for when you finish the old. If you reach the end of your show, don’t fret. When you get really hooked on a show and finally finish it, it can feel like the sad end of a beautiful journey. You may wonder what to do with your life now. In this case, refer back to Step 5 and start up a new one!

There you have it: a fully-functional guide on how to get the most out of your binge watching experience. Use it wisely, and remember to always continue watching.

Cassandra Porter can be reached at [email protected] or @cassieporter_ on Twitter.

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