Best roommates forever


Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Picking a roommate is always a tough decision. You want to live with someone who meets the same ideas as you: how messy you are, privacy, smoking, pets, etc.

You also have to decide whether you want to live with friends or post an ad on Craigslist and chance it with a stranger.

I would say that your best bet is to room with your best friend.

Who do you know and trust the most? Your best friend.

Who can you talk to about anything? Your best friend.

Who can you never stay mad at too long? Your best friend.

People always say living with your best friend is the worst mistake you can make. But I’d beg to differ. For the three years I’ve been in college so far, I’ve lived with my best friend for all three of those years.

If there is anyone who has the same ideology about living arrangements, it’s probably the person you’re closest to. There’s a reason you chose this person as your best friend. You have common interests and enough love and respect for each other to look past the differences.

We’ve gotten in our share of fights, but she’s my best friend and we get over and fix the problem, because there’s no amount of dirty dishes that can break us up.

As a best friend, there is no beating around the bush about things. You’re honest with them. You can tell them what you need to say without worrying about how they’re going to take it. By the time you get to that level of friendship, you know how to communicate with each other.

Now let’s think about it. If you’re having an all-day Netflix streaming of Grey’s Anatomy, why would you send your BFF home after? Or if it’s getting late and they’re getting pretty tired or you’re getting tired, why kick them out? If you lived with them, they can just go to their room. It just makes things a little easier.

It makes life easier if you want to hang out with your best friend. Just walk a couple feet in your house and BOOM, they’re there. If you want to get food or go out, it’s not complicated trying to meet up with them. All you have to decide is where to go.

When you need the therapy talks, your go-to person is right there for you. And to be honest, they probably already know you’re going through some things just by the vibe you might be giving off.

Your best friend is always supposed to be there for you. So why not as a roommate as well?

Brittany McClintock can be reached at [email protected] or @B_McClintock17 on Twitter.