‘Flaked’ refreshing and unexpected


Promotional photo from Facebook page.

Netflix is completely killing HBO, Amazon Video and Hulu for original content successfully turning binge-watching into a daily habit. And this is happening because of shows like “Flaked.”

Written, produced and starring Will Arnet (“Arrested Development” and “30 Rock” star) “Flaked” takes a refreshing and unexpected turn from the bombastic roles Arnet is typically seen in.

Arnet teams up with Mark Chappell, the British writer responsible for “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margret,” and the two pull off a significant new online sitcom that makes it incredibly difficult not to click on “Next Episode.”

Filmed on location in Venice Beach, California, Arnet’s character, Chip, lives a seemingly directionless life drifting from romantic relationships, making friends with the right people and finding a way to spin situations in his favor.

He is incredibly good at what he does. In fact, Chip transcends the motto “fake it till you make it” and goes straight for “use manipulation until you get everything you’ve ever wanted.”

Chip lives in a house owned by his friend Dennis’ mother. Dennis lives in the small guesthouse in the back. To supplement his almost nonexistent income, Chip builds “furniture” in a building owned by his former father-in-law. Well, almost former. He has yet to file for divorce after 10 years of being separated. I mean they live in Venice Beach, it’s not Hollywood.

After each episode more truth is revealed about who Chip really is and his past begins to slowly crush the reality he is living in, along with the relationships with his friends and the small community of Venice Beach.

There’s something about wanting to know what happens next in Chip’s dysfunctional lifestyle that keeps the viewer’s attention.

“Flaked” has the genuine writing and originality that strays away from the banality that is often seen in other online sitcoms — everything down to the soundtrack is done with good taste and creativity. For that, four out of five O’s is well deserved.

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