13 years of President Zingg: An interactive timeline


Chico State President Paul Zingg spoke to the university for one of the last times at his retirement party on May 6. Photo credit: George Johnston.

Stephanie Schmieding

Chico State President Paul Zingg will end his presidency and retire in early July following 13 years as Chico State’s president and 23 years in the CSU system. The Orion has put together a timeline of notable events that have characterized Zingg’s presidency.

Over the past 13 years, the university has collected various results in terms of staffing and salary. The California Faculty Association put together a report called “Race to the Bottom: CSU’s 10-year Failure to Fund its Core Mission” that emphasizes some notable statistics.


The university has also reached many milestones and accomplishments under Zingg’s 13-year term. Some of these include:


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