Get ready for summer, Chico style

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

As summer is rapidly approaching, most students are counting down the days until their last final, when they can jump in a car or plane and head home for the next few months. People seem to run away from Chico over the summer months, but have you ever considered that staying in Chico could actually be extremely beneficial as well as fun?

Of course, I understand people’s reasoning for wanting to get back home for the summer. Friends, family, job opportunities, pets — all important things that college students tend to miss over the school year. For some people these things are too important to miss out on for a summer, and I can understand that.

However, for those who don’t feel an extreme attachment to their hometowns, sticking around Chico could be a great summer experience for multiple reasons.


Summer classes are never something you want to do, but realizing how beneficial taking a class over summer is could make you want to try it out. Getting those extra units under your belt gives students a jumpstart on their units for the next semester, which provides more class options in the future as well as less stress about completing units.

Also, if you’re like me, you may have failed a class in the past semester and retaking it over summer allows you to not worry about making it up the following semester. Failing classes is never good, but staying in Chico to make up a class on campus could really help you in the long run.


Most college students use the summer to get a job and save up money for the following school year. Finding a job in Chico over the summer is another benefit of living here, because college students who are able to work a job over summer are able to keep that job going into the following semester.

Finding jobs in Chico can be competitive considering all of the college students vying for the same positions around town, and if you’re able to secure a job in the summer before everyone comes back to town, then you have a lucky leg up on the rest.


Since most Chico housing and apartments have leases that start at the beginning of summer close to June or July, it makes sense to take advantage of your new home when you’re already paying big bucks for rent. Last summer I had to pay rent for my apartment for two months when I wasn’t even living there.

This summer my lease starts at the beginning of June, and I realized it was logical to live in the house that I’m paying for. If you have the opportunity to stay in your house or apartment in Chico over summer, maybe you should take it in the name of financial responsibility.


Besides school and jobs, staying in Chico over summer could also be a fun experience for you and friends who have the town to yourself to explore. Obviously there’s a lot less students here over summer, but you and the few friends who decided to stay can go out and have adventures all to yourself.

While we’re in school we don’t have many opportunities to get to know Chico or the areas around it. With more free time over summer, hiking, rafting or camping trips would be a fun experience and help you become more familiar with our surrounding landscape.

Emma Vidak-Benjamin can be reached at [email protected] or @gnarlyemma on Twitter.