Chico’s historic Gothic House is relocated and ready for restoration


Photo credit: Daniel Theobald

Two brothers saved Chico’s last Gothic house and thus one of the most valuable pieces of the city’s history.

The Gothic Revival cottage that was located on West Fifth Street has been moved.

The house in its new location on Humboldt Street Photo credit: Daniel Theobald

On Friday, August 12th, after being split in two halves and loaded onto a truck, the 133-year-old house began its journey through the streets of Chico to a new location on Humboldt Street.

Construction continues at the now empty lot on 5th St. Photo credit: Daniel Theobald

The house was slated for demolition until two local residents decided to buy the property. The structure is Chico’s last Gothic Revival home and has now been preserved a valuable piece of the city’s history and heritage.

The Gothic house awaits restoration at its new location Photo credit: Daniel Theobald

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