Chico native wins heart of The Bachelorette


Monkey Face: Jordan introduces JoJo to his favorite place in Chico, Upper Bidwell Park. Photo courtesy of ABC

The city of Chico was featured on national television when former NFL star and Chico native Joelle “Jojo” Fletcher won the heart of this season’s Bachelorette.

Fletcher became the newest Bachelorette after being runner-up on Ben Higgins’ season of the Bachelor. Left heartbroken, Fletcher entered this season with an open heart and ready to find love. When former NFL player Jordan Rodgers first appeared on the show, it was clear that something special was about to happen.

Rodgers was a standout from the beginning; most people recognized him as the brother of Aaron Rodgers, the current quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. Throughout the show, Rodgers’s magnetic connection with Fletcher became clear..

The Bachelor crew took on Chico in one of the most special episodes of every season, hometown dates. The cameras followed as Rodgers showed Fletcher his former high school and all his favorite spots in Chico, California.

Rodgers introduced Fletcher to a place most commonly recognized by Chico residents, Upper Bidwell Park.

“I used to come here and run every morning,” Rodgers reminisced. Rogers proudly represented Chico as the charming, friendly town that it is. This was one more thing that helped put Chico on the map.

After meeting each other’s families and getting through the following couple weeks, Rogers and Fletcher’s journey on the show left off in their engagement to be married. Now that the show has aired, the happy couple no longer needs to keep their love a secret and can begin their life together.

Rodgers has since moved to Dallas, Fletcher’s hometown, and the two are preparing to move into their new house together. The couple has enjoyed vacation time in Malibu and are now tossing around wedding dates.

With Rodgers’ entire family residing in Chico, the couple will surely be back again soon, but next time will probably be without a camera crew. Rodgers’ charming display of Chico on the show gave an excellent representation of the town. The small town of Chico boasts a tremendous amount of beauty that America was able to witness through the show.

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