University offers Halloween equivalent


Campus groups are giving students the option to participate in safe alternative events for Halloween.

University Housing and Food Services, the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center, Union Label and the Associated Students all collaborated to put on the campus events that are being held through Nov. 1.

These events were created with all students in mind regardless of their age group, Trisha Seastrom, program manager of the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center.

“It is very intentional to collaborate with our campus partners,” she said. “We are working together and keeping the community and campus safe.”

These campus partners have worked together to create events such as Pinterest night, a haunted house, a dance, a movie night and more.

A variety of events are being offered to suit the interests of differentstudents, said A. S. President Taylor Herren.

“There are different types of students who want to do different things,” Herren said. “This is a way to offer students something else to do for Halloween weekend.”

Union Label’s focus is creating alternative events and giving students ways to become involved on campus, said Matthew Riebe, program associate for Union Label.

“Union Label is serving the purpose to create fun events for students,” he said. “We want to create those memorable and unforgettable experiences.”

One of the events is the Chilling Challenge, which is a combination of the Amazing Race and Fear Factor, he said. Students will be divided into teams and be sent on a scavenger hunt throughout campus to find clues and compete in challenges.

In addition to providing alternative events, the campus groups are helping students who choose to go downtown with safety precautions such as the Red Watch Band Training and setting up safety stations downtown for the weekend.

The university is trying to teach students how to be safe and respectful over the holiday, said Denise Crosswhite, program coordinator of University Housing and Food Services.

“We have been emphasizing to keep it Chico, keep it local, be respectful and stay with people,” she said. “The campus is doing a lot in order to promote safe Halloween behaviors.”

There will be safety stations on Thursday, Friday and Saturday which will provide water bottles and safety information, Seastrom said.

“If we can get them to have a bottle of water, it is going to keep them safer,” she said.

Some of the Christian groups on campus will also be helping out with these stations and they will be serving grilled cheeses at these stations on Halloween night, she said.

“It is a way for us to engage in conversation with students and encourage them to be safe for the rest of the night,” Seastrom said.

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