Men’s soccer faces last minute loss


Frankie Palmer struggles to break free during a Chico State home game. Photo credit: Jordan Jarrell

The Chico State men’s soccer team took on the San Francisco Gators on Sept. 16 in their first game of league, and lost 1-0 in the final minute of play.

The loss brings the ‘Cats overall record to 1-3-1 and is the second consecutive one point loss the ‘Cats have faced.

The first half was a stalemate of fights and warnings, with the Gators earning four fouls and a yellow card in the first ten minutes of play. Chico State followed close behind, earning six fouls and a yellow card on sophomore forward Esten Schroeder in the first half.

The Gators outpaced the ‘Cats aggressive play with eight fouls in the first half, and found difficulty maintaining the ball as a result. Despite the lack of possession, the Gators took quality shots and forced Chico State to make three saves in the half.

Both teams continued their aggressive play in the second half, with San Francisco earning two additional yellow cards, and the ‘Cats gaining one on first year defender Garrett Hogbin.

The teams were tied in the effectiveness of their offense, with both taking 16 shots in the game. With neither team able to gain the advantage, the game remained in a stalemate until the final minute of play.

The ‘Cats junior goalkeeper Damion Lewis upheld the defense for the ‘Cats with six saves in the game, but allowed the Gators to score with 30 seconds remaining. Lewis has made 18 saves this season, and allowed just six goals.

Chico State returns to the field on Sept. 18 against Cal State Monterey Bay for their second game of the CCAA series.

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