‘Dirty 30’ worth the watch for Youtuber fans


Promotional photo for “Dirty 30” from the official “Dirty 30” Facebook page.

With people rising to internet fame every day, it’s becoming increasingly more common to see internet-famous people breaking into the mainstream culture. People are turning their thousands and even millions of followers from apps like Vine into some serious recognition and fame.

YouTube is easily one of the best platforms for creators to gain an audience. Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig are probably three of the biggest names on the site. The three of them recently released their second movie, “Dirty 30”, earlier this year.

Hannah Hart gained a huge following from her video series “My Drunk Kitchen”, Mamrie Hart for her memorable series “You Deserve a Drink” and Helbig for her satirical how-to videos. The three became friends through an improv comedy group and often collaborated on videos together.

The movie follows Kate (Mamrie Hart), who is dissatisfied with the current state of her career and personal life, as her two lifelong friends Evie (Helbig) and Charlie (Hart) throw a party for her 30th birthday. Naturally, the party gets a little out of control.

Dirty 30″ is definitely a classic party movie, which follows a similar plot to recent party movies like Tina Fey and Amy Pohler’s “Sisters” and “Bad Moms” starring Mila Kunis.

The movie certainly is not a going to win any Oscars since it has 5.7 Stars on IMBD and 69% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. The pacing is a little slow and doesn’t feel like a high budget movie. The film exists very much for the fans of the creators. Someone who is not an avid watcher of the content on Youtube, might not enjoy this movie as much as the fans would.

However, it’s a feel-good movie that caters to the fans of YouTube and its creators. It is impressive to see people who started making videos with their webcam making a movie with any kind of budget whatsoever.

There are a lot of cute cameos made by fellow YouTubers, which as a fan myself, made the film that much better. And there are plenty of jokes! “Dirty 30” puts “Batman vs Superman” to shame with plenty of witty, rapid-fire humor.

I really liked how the film worked against stereotypes that are often held against women in their 30’s, specifically those who aren’t married or who are housewives. There were a lot of moments in the film where I was worried that they were going to play into these stereotypes, but they used those opportunities to work against them, which I really enjoyed.

While it might cater heavily to the YouTube audience and community, “Dirty 30” is a feel-good party flick that stars fantastic female leads. This movie is definitely worth the watch if you dabble at all in YouTube culture.

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