Chico State reveals crime rates


Chico State University Police station. Photo taken by Ronnie Bolser

Chico State released its Annual Security Report and Fire Safety Report in accordance with the Clery Act on Sept. 29.

The report contains information regarding campus security, personal safety, campus policy and crime statistics from 2013 to 2015. It also includes information on topics such as crime prevention, crime reporting, disciplinary procedures and Title IX.

Listed below are the 2015 statistics:

Crime statistics

-No reported murders

-No reported manslaughter by negligence

-One reported robbery

-Two reported aggravated assaults

-Eight reported burglaries

-Six reported motor vehicle thefts

-One report of arson

Sex offenses

-Three reported rapes

-One report of fondling

-No reported incest

-No reported statutory rape

Violence Against Women Act Crimes

-No reported dating violence

-One report of domestic violence

-One report of stalking

Liquor, Drugs and Weapons Crimes

-Three reported liquor law arrests

-79 reported liquor law referrals

-Nine reported drug law arrests

-Nine reported drug law referrals

-Three reported weapons law arrests

-One reported weapons law referral

Hate Crimes
-No reported Hate Crimes

Universities that receive federal financial aid are required to disclose information about crime on and around their campuses by Oct. 1 of each year. These statistics are taken from reported crimes.

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