Chico could receive more cameras


Members of Police Community Advisory Board. Photo credit: Kaley Wise

The Police Community Advisory Board met Oct. 19 to discuss the new bike trail cameras.

Bike path cameras were installed over the summer along the infamous, “rape trail.”

“These cameras are not the end all, and they don’t stop all crime, but they let people know that we’re paying attention,” said Chief of Police Michael O’Brien.

Both the University and Chico Police departments plan to deter predators and criminals through increased surveillance. Both departments can view the camera activity not only at the dispatch center but also on their smartphones.

Though the cameras are not constantly monitored, they allow officers to go back and view incidents of crime in order to investigate and even issue an arrest.

Chief O’Brien discussed that he would like to add cameras to other popular places around the community if there are available funds. The bike cameras have been funded by donations from members of the community.

“Our portion of the path is twice the cost of the amount available in the city budget. We are working to get a quote from the company to move forward in adding cameras to more of the path,” said University Police Chief John Feeney.

The main goal of the project is to make students feel safe while walking or biking down that path.

Additional cameras may be added to the Fifth Street corridor, north campus, community parks and One Mile.

“These cameras are only step one of many to enhance the safety in both our community and in and around the university,” O’Brien said.

The next Police Community Advisory Board meeting will be held Nov. 16 at the Lakeside Pavilion at 5:30 p.m.

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