Humans of Chico State


Kelly Candelaria, English Professor at Chico State. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell

Kelly Candelaria has been an English professor at Chico State since 2010. One of the classes she teaches here is ENGL 350, which deals with ethical dilemmas in science fiction.

She has always been a fan of science fiction, so teaching a class about it really interested her.

“Science fiction allows us to look at problems in our society in a totally different way. I think students engage with it really easily and discussions can be fun because its not like reading Shakespeare,” said Candelaria.

When asked what fictional characters she relates to the most, she took a minute to really think about who she identifies with.

“Jane Eyre, the teacher, I can imagine myself being. She cares for people and I think she looks to do the right thing, but that can be hard for her because she sometimes has to give up a lot. I like Charlotte too, from one of my favorite kids novels, ‘Charlotte’s Web’. She’s always trying to give people information so I see myself that way too. She’s very sweet and protective of others,” said Candelaria.