Looking comfortable gets you nowhere


Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Our appearance is the first thing everyone sees and there are different feelings associated with every style.

In just a short walk from Glenn Hall to Meriam Library, at least eight people can be spotted wearing yoga pants or some form of sweatpants. It says a lot about students when seeing so many of them put so little effort into their daily outfits.

Some students show up to professional settings looking like they just rolled out of bed, and still expect staff, faculty and other students to take them seriously.

There are always exceptions like waking up late, being sick or being too tired from the night before. However, these are mere exceptions that should only occur a few times throughout the semester.

Showing up to school every day in sweats or yoga pants screams “I did not care enough about my education so I just showed up in what I woke up in.” The truth is that this is not only my opinion but the professional world’s opinion as well.

How do we expect professors to think we take their education seriously when we can’t put any effort into how we show up to their classes? The reality is they are not only our professors for a semester. They are the ones writing our letters of recommendation, connecting us with the right people post-graduation and in some cases will even help us get that dream job.

College is made to prepare us for our careers, so students who show up in gym wear every day will have a much harder time adjusting to reality once they enter into the job force.

According to the Forbes article, You Are Judged By Your Appearance, companies will most likely hire someone who cares about their appearance rather than someone who dresses too casually.

Of course, our professors do not expect us to show up in business attire but they also don’t want to look at a bunch of students who appear as if they just rolled out of bed.

Throwing on a pair of jeans requires the most minimal effort but will give off a completely different impression.

Showing up to school looking like we are heading to the gym afterward, despite our lack of a gym bag, screams lazy.

Waiting to change for our workout at the WREC or throwing on a pair of jeans instead of the hundredth pair of yoga pants or sweatpants requires no time.

Instead of giving professors the wrong impression, let’s leave the yoga pants in yoga class and dress according to the setting we are in.

Nicte Hernandez can be reached at [email protected] or @NicteHernandez4 on Twitter.