The uneducated shouldn’t rush into adulthood


Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

We all know someone who decided not to go to college. Whatever the circumstances that led them to make that decision, it likely had major effects on how they spent the rest of their lives and what they chose to value.

According to the Knot Yet campaign, which tries to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancies, most Americans without a college degree have babies before they get married.

College requires dedication so those who do not wish to pursue a higher education should not rush into having children.

The natural step after obtaining an education and settling into a career is starting a family. Those that do not strive for a higher education miss out on a vital part of their lives and often skip to starting a family early on in life.

They settle for mediocre jobs and quit on trying to obtain credentials because other priorities begin to weigh in. Intimate relations tend to be the priority in this case.

Adulthood, tells us that we need to move out of our parent’s homes and embrace our independence.

College is a great transitional period for this. It shelters us as young adults and helps us transition into adulthood.

Those without the help and guidance of a college system are left to fend for themselves. So with the lack of structure, these young adults tend to focus more on rushing into adulthood and settling down with their partners for comfort.

The pressures of moving out and starting our adult life still exist whether or not we are pursuing a higher education. When we do not attend college we feel the need to rush into our adult lives that would naturally take place some time after college.

This has been the case for many young adults fighting to prove their maturity and independence, without the attendance of a college institute to vouch for it.

According to David Autor, an M.I.T economist, not enough people are going to college.

The reason lies within your Facebook feed. Most of us can say that Facebook is cluttered with funny memes, engagement announcements and baby ultrasounds.

Educated women are more likely to never have children, according to the Pew Research Center.

With the lack of homework assignments, group projects and stressful finals week young adults who do not pursue a higher education are left with a different set of priorities.

Marriage and kids have always been a part of the American dream. However, when a higher education is not a part of that dream most tend to rush to the next step regardless of whether or not they are ready for it.

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