Recruiting more than an athlete

Scouting and recruiting is a big process which keeps Chico State at the top of Division II schools. For coaches and the athletic staff, this is a never ending series.

Luke Reid, the sports information director at Chico State, gives athletic director Anita Barker tons of credit for building such a good, up-and-coming staff who want to add to a winning organization.

“Chico State is a very successful Division II school and this is a place where athletes can win a national championship,” Reid said.

Ali Mollet, assistant women’s basketball coach, always look for good character when recruiting players and goes by the “OKG” motto, she said. The “OKG” motto stands for Our Kind of Gal, which is a player who is willing to contribute for the team’s success and not individual stats.

Top Gun

Photo by Norma Loya

A group of scouters aim radar guns at the pitchers for Tuesday's baseball practice at Nettleton Stadium.Photo credit: Norma Loya.

“In the summer, I go out to tournaments and scout players and see how they act on and off the court,” Mollet said. “After that I go and look at their transcripts and see which players are good students and try to focus on those players.”

Chris Cobb, assistant men’s basketball coach tries to find players with good IQ who fit the Wildcat system. The ‘Cats are big on relationship and team bonding between coaches and players.

“We have a saying that we tell the players and it’s what can you add to our culture?” Cobb said. “Last year we had five players make the All-Conference academic team one of which was our best player, senior guard Damario Sims. This goes to show we are setting a winning and scholarly program.”