Photo credit: Franky Renteria
Photo credit: Franky Renteria

Students showcase their love for high fashion

November 14, 2016

This is a gallery of four young men wearing high fashion clothing and their explanations on why they do so.

Name: Edoardo Bassi

Major: Finance

Graduating: May 2018

“I bought these clothes because they are fairly formal but at the same time they are different, have their own style. I dress up like this pretty much every day, or at least 4 days a week. Dressing up makes me feel confident. I don’t care about looking good for others, I do it for myself. You can call me narcissistic. Pretty much my whole wardrobe looks like this, hella blazers and dress shirts. I have about 30 ties and every outfit is matched, but unique. I have ties of every size, color and fabrics, based on situations and outfits. I also have Nixon Chrono, Seiko, and Rolex GMT master watches. I am definitely influenced by Italian culture since I am from there, along with the fact that my family is in the fashion business.”

Brands from these photos:

Watch: Nixon Chrono

Blazer: “Shoe”

Jeans: Roy Rogers

Shoes: Fradi

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Name: Liam Duree

Major: Business management & Project management

Graduating: Fall 2017

“I wear this type of clothing at times to look professional, but I also just enjoy wearing formal attire in general. I wear these types of clothes in formal settings, as well as to have some fun. I usually wear this clothing to fraternity business meetings, work, interviews, mixers, etc. I’m a strong believer in the phrase “look good feel good”. I own a suit, two blazers and roughly a dozen dress shirts and ties.”

Brands from these photos: J. Ferrari, Michael Kors, Van Heusen and Bar III

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Name: Omar Nuño

Major: Criminal Justice

Graduating: 2017

“I bought this type of clothing for various reasons but the main reason was to look more presentable and professional at important events. Events such as weddings, graduations, speeches, work interviews and career fairs. This type of clothing just makes me look more presentable than if I were just to wear normal street clothes, a suit gives you confidence and raises your credibility. It can make you be looked at with more respect. I don’t dress up in this kind of attire that often so I only have two suits, but when I do, I like to look as best as I can.”

Brands from these photos:

Suit/shirt: J. Ferrari

Shoes: Andrea

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Name: Jake Wells

Major: Marketing

Graduating: 2017

“I purchased a suit for work and fraternity events. I wear it usually a few times a month. I wear this attire mostly for my fraternities weekly chapter meetings, as well as special events like formal. In terms of work I wear it any time we have corporate events or host seminars. I work at a finance firm so in general, I have to dress up in business attire on the daily sometimes, but my suit is only needed for those more corporate style events. I have one suit, a few sports coats and a good amount of dress shirts and slacks. I probably have six formal outfits or so.”

Brands from these photos: All clothing Kenneth Cole

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