David Mcmillian Art Show


Getting lost in the pieces was a reoccurring theme at the art show because the characters were so creatively put together. The mixture of characters and poems kept the viewer engaged. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues

Jordan Rodrigues

The Naked Lounge hosted an art show featuring local artist David Mcmillian on Nov. 11. His show had a variety of different styles and messages conveyed through his art and about 15 total pieces were multimedia pieces of work. The show had a very mellow atmosphere that the venue helped create with their dim lighting and non- eclectic music playing as people mingled about the art work.

One aspect of the series was trippy, sleek designs that incorporated different animals. Another series of art was full of illustrations that laid over the top of a zodiac sign accompanied by a poem written by Becca Sue.

The tone was set when David greeted show goers as they came to support his work at the event. Seeing and hearing all of the different types of people, it was amazing to see that one man’s work brought together so many people.

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Jordan Rodrigues can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_arts on Twitter.