Cat-killing dog escapes gunman


Police Blotter. Photo credit: Miles Huffman

University Police

Call Type: Burglary,

8:06 p.m., Friday, Phi Kappa Tau House

A resident came home to find the back door wide open. A report was taken.

Call Type: Assist other Agency,

10:32 p.m., Saturday, University Stadium

Chico Fire Department was called to help put out a structure fire near the stadium.

Call Type: Fire Alarm,

6:10 p.m., Sunday, Alpha Delta Pi House

A fire alarm sounded near the streets of Third and Chestnut.

Chico Police

Call Type: Assault/ Battery,

8:22 a.m., Friday, 624 Nord Avenue

Two men fighting with each other in the driveway. One was hit and had an open head wound. He was treated by medical on the scene.

Call Type: Drunk in Public,

11:21 a.m., Friday, West Second Street

A man was running down the street yelling at people. He told people passing by that he would kill them.

Call Type: Drunk in Public,

11:34 a.m., Friday, Sycamore Pool

A man was found wearing shoes tied around his neck. He was drinking boxed wine, yelling and harassing people.

Call Type: Accident,

10:33 a.m., Saturday, 1900 Mangrove Avenue

A women left her car unattended in the middle of the road to chase after her dog.

Call Type: Littering/ Urinating in Public,

4:17 p.m., Saturday, 1200 Park Avenue

Someone was seen defecating in the bus stop. There have been ongoing issues with transients abusing that bus stop.

Call Type: Aggressive Animal,

10:31 a.m., Sunday, 1160 Valley Oak Drive

An aggressive dog bit and killed a cat. The cat’s owner got angry and obtained a gun to shoot the dog. The dog ran away. It was later found and taken to a shelter.

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