Dating comedians offer life lessons, dating advice

It’s Friday night, you’re at a party dancing with your friends and suddenly someone is grinding on you from behind. Did he ask you to dance? No.

That’s one of the flaws in Chico’s dating scene that date comedians, Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixell, demonstrated to a packed audience Wednesday night at the UHUB.

The duo, known as Dave and Ethan, are best friends who, in March of 2008, posted ads on Craigslist and YouTube inviting girls to double date them. Thousands of responses poured in and the pair went on over 200 double dates.

Voted 2012’s Best Comedy Performers in Campus Activities Magazine, they’ve embarked on a national college tour educating students in the art of dating.

The show began with Ahdoot and Fixell using their best valley girl accents to portray “A Typical Day in the Life of a Chico Student” from a freshman girl’s point-of-view.

The men clearly did their homework because they covered all things Chico State including: University Village and Whitney Hall, Jeff the awkward freshman, Jiffy burgers and lastly the way guys pick up girls at parties.

After demonstrating the grinding stranger on Friday night, Ahdoot and Fixell offered advice to the guys in the audience on ways to do a better job of picking up the ladies.

“We’ve found one of the best ways to pick up the ladies is to use accents,” Fixell said. “It really works. Sets the mood, breaks the ice, it’s great.”

If smooth talking the ladies in Australian and Irish accents doesn’t work hopefully the guy can sing.

The pair whipped out an acoustic guitar and triangle and performed their song “Ladies Love a Guy who can sing.”

After performing their original song and emphasizing that guys who play guitar are automatically “much hotter,” the duo re-enacted the terrible first date of student Dara Wright and her date with a guy named Aslan.

The best part about this re-enactment is that afterwards, they performed the date the way it should’ve gone and included tips on how to improve dates gone wrong.

Here’s some first-date tips they offered:

  • Instead of sitting in silence for 2 hours at a movie, go out to dinner

  • Don’t take separate cars, the guy should pick up the girl

  • Open the door for the lady

  • If something isn’t right you should speak up on a date

The night ended with a mock dating game where a single lady in the audience was chosen to pick between three potential bachelors.

The questions, written by Adhoot and Fixell, ranged from, “You see me in the library studying, use your best pick up line?” and “If you were to play music while we make out what song would you play? Sing me a few lines.”

The crowd thoroughly enjoyed this segment of the show as laughter filled the air every time the bachelor’s tried to sell themselves.

Junior social work major Chris Boyer, participated as a bachelor and ended up winning in the end.

Boyer and the bachelorette shared a semi-awkward first dance with Adhoot and Fixell helping the two sway side to side and Adhoot caressing Boyer’s biceps yelling, “Oh my god he works out!”

“It was a blind get-to-know-you and I like how it was personality focused,” Boyer said. “After participating, I’d consider doing a real dating show.”

For more dating advice from Dave and Ethan check out their website: and YouTube page to access helpful dating videos.

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