The O Face: Exhibitionism


Lorinda Sasan

If there was any one time to indulge in risqué sexual behavior, college would be it.



The sexual revolution of the post-Vietnam Era changed the way Americans expressed themselves sexually, with more people abstaining from traditional values in favor of the sexual freedom that the free love movement provided.

Today, more millennials are experimenting in previously “taboo” sexual behavior. Threesomes have moved into the mainstream, with at least 20 percent of men and women ages 18-39 having had more than one sexual partner at once.

To share oneself with another on such an intimate level and taking charge of their satisfaction can be an incredibly empowering experience. Adding another person can increase the power and pleasure, even if they play a spectator role. That’s where two commonly misunderstood concepts, exhibitionism and voyeurism, may come in handy for those looking to spice things up.

Sex doesn’t have to explicitly be an act between two people. Evolution suggests that humans are polyamorous by nature, and even those in long-term commitments can benefit from opening up their bedroom to other partners. Studies show that people who participate in exhibitionist behavior have increased self-confidence from the responses they receive.

It makes sense given that humans are social by nature. Most of us are on social media. People like to share intimate details of their lives on Facebook and Instagram because of the instant gratification every ‘like’ and comment brings. I think it is a human need to crave attention from our peers and to feel accepted on one level or another.

It’s part of the reason I will post slightly racy photos of myself from time to time, and I’m certain I’m not alone. It’s a hell of a mood booster. In relation to sex, it may give some gratification to have a responsive audience.

Exhibitionism is defined as someone who pleasures in exposing themselves to others in a sexual manner. Conversely, voyeurism is the act of watching others engage in sex.

Anyone who has sent a nude or partook in pornography has indulged in one of the two. On the whole, humans are fascinated by sex, whether it is physical involvement or not. Taking it to the next level and entertaining an audience (or being the audience) can take that pleasure to new heights.

It can create a sort of competitive nature where partners continue to work on their relationship. Self-satisfaction can be damaging to any long term relationship.

For partners, it increases physical desire for one another. Some people believe that seeing their partners desired by other people is a major turn on and can make them want the other even more. When the supply is low and the demand is high, it makes the product that much more valuable. The same can be said about our significant others as well.

As always, sexual acts of any degree are only for consenting adults. Everyone can benefit from a little risqué exhibitionist/voyeur play, whether it be for the camera or actually inviting another person into the bedroom. It is a really broad experience that can be tweaked to satisfy any level of experience.

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