Calexit worse than people think


Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

For several years, people have been suggesting that California secedes from the United States to become its own sovereign country. It was only recently the idea began to gain momentum with the hashtag Calexit flooding Twitter just after the election.

Many people may feel disconnected with the rest of the country after this election, but a California secession isn’t just unlikely, it could be harmful to both the state and the rest of the nation.

An organization called Yes California is pushing for the state’s referendum. The group states, “The United States of America represents so many things that conflict with California values.”

It makes sense that Californians are mad that they now have a leader that virtually none of them wanted, but is it really the mature, logical decision to separate from the country? If we want to unify the nation, we won’t do so by separating from it. How are we supposed to work with other countries when we can’t even work well within our own borders?

The #Calexit movement is childish, like a toddler threatening to run away from home for not getting their way. People are upset and that’s understandable, but it is stubborn, unreasonable and uncompromising to suggest we should separate from the rest of the country. Threatening to leave the union is an emotional response to the election and not a seriously thought out fix to any problems.

The state’s problems are our fault and the fault of our policies. Its problems are not the fault of people in other parts of the country who hold different values.

California is a great place to live and there are great people here, but the truth is that the state is in worse shape than most other states. We have a failing infrastructure, one of the worst education systems in the country, a drought that needs serious focus and more than a fourth of the people in California are living below the poverty line. We have numerous problems in this state and the fault lies within itself.

Long term consequences of a secession would exist for both the U.S. and California. The U.S. economy would suffer dramatically and the global economy would face huge changes. Democrats would never win another election in the United States since California has 55 electoral votes and hasn’t been a Republican state in decades.

All federal agencies in California would immediately be relocated and California would have to appoint its own president, vice president, secretary of state, etc. Conflicts would soon follow within California’s own borders. Conservative counties would try to declare their own exit from California. Basically, a secession would cause worse harm than the harm we should expect from our future president.

Beyond all this, leaving the union is illegal as it stands with current laws. A new bill would have to be passed with Congress’ blessing to allow for a state to declare independence. This would require a majority vote from congress as well as the president’s approval. A secession is possible, but it is far-fetched and highly unlikely.

Too many people are being pessimistic about the direction the country is taking.

Talk about a secession or moving out of the country shows a lack of faith in the rest of the nation.

Thankfully the #Calexit movement just seems to be an immediate response to the election and won’t gain any serious ground. If people are really worried about the future of the United States, they should do their best to work at fixing the problems, not give up and watch as others send themselves down the wrong path.

Jeff Guzman can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter.