A very Chico Nutcracker


(Adelaide Sands) The Almond Blossom Queen, is accompanied by her Almond Blossoms. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Carin Dorghalli


Chico Community Ballet customizes “The Nutcracker” to make it “Chico-ized.” The idea is inspired by Dr. Oscar Stansbury, performed by locally-trained dancers from Chico Community Ballet Company and includes guest performers from Dance Evolution, Inspire School of Arts and Sciences and the local community.

Cameryn Titus plays the part of Angeline Stansbury, Dr. Stansbury’s daughter. The story is told in a way that reflects Chico and its history.

Titus explains, “This show is really special because, instead of it just being a Nutcracker performance, it brings to life historical Chico and takes us back in time to experience a magical Christmas celebration.”

The show starts with Angeline standing behind the window of a stage prop made to look like the Stansbury House in downtown. During the show, the Nutcracker takes Angeline to various places, including the land of almond blossoms, a place inspired by the blossoming almond orchards in Chico during springtime. Practice and rehearsals began in August, but planning has been going on all year to make it a more chico-ized Nutcraker.

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