How to destress from finals


Photo credit: Carin Dorghalli

Carin Dorghalli


Hammocks, massage chairs, beanbag chairs and blankets. All these resources are accessible to students for free to aid them in their attempts to de-stress from finals. Located in BMU 301, the Zen Den was created by WREC employees to be a place for students to escape from the pressures college life can bring. The Zen Den can be accessed 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Zen Den employee Jose Hernandez says, “It’s a nice little place to go into to let loose and relax.”

WREC employees acknowledge that students, at times, need a little more help to overcome the anxieties that finals week brings. Because of that, the WREC puts together “De-stress Fest” during dead week every fall semester to help students get their minds off finals.

WREC programs assistant Kelsey Tikkanen says, “As the programs staff, we just really wanted to have a place where students can come and relax and get their minds off finals.”

“The Zen Den will actually also be open finals week, so you can always come in, take a break, de-stress, go back out there and pick up where you left off,” Hernandez said.

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