Q&A with comedians who give dating tips

Comedians Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixell performed in front of a packed audience Wednesday night at the UHUB. The Orion sat down with the duo for a Q&A about their careers, lives and relationships.

The Orion: What’s makes you passionate about your job?

Fixell: Dave. (chuckles) We’ve actually been doing comedy together since we were in high school, like we’ve been doing improv trips together, and so we’ve always loved comedy, and I know Dave does too, and we’ve always been performing together. This was just an accident that turned into something awesome, and we are passionate about dating too.

The Orion: Most creative date you’ve planned?

Fixell: In my personal life, I just proposed to my girlfriend who’s now my fiancé and I made her a video. I took her upstate and took her to this whole dinner thing, and I made her a video and I brought her to the hotel and I played her the video and then I proposed after the video. That’s probably my most creative date, but Dave and I were on some pretty creative dates together. We once went panhandling on a date. Yeah, we sang for money in Washington Square Park in New York City.

The Orion: What’s your best pick-up line?

Fixell: I don’t believe in pick-up lines because they can be cheesy. So I like to use my surroundings. I like to be like, oh if you’re in a library, “Oh hey, oh cool, I read that book!” You’re in an ice cream shop, “Oh, that’s my favorite flavor! Is that your favorite flavor?” We hear some really cheesy ones, just get out there and show a lady what you’re working with.

Ahdoot: Oh, I don’t believe in pick-up lines. Actually in a park this girl was so, so beautiful and I said to her, “Hey, I know that you probably, usually, date guys a lot uglier than me so I was hoping you could make an exception?” She was laughing.

The Orion: What’s your favorite thing about each other?

Ahdoot: Well you know Ethan and I, when you get married, there’s the option of divorce, right? But when you have a comedy partner and that’s like how you make a living, you can’t really divorce them. So we get through it. We persevere. We’ll fight. We’ll hate each other a lot. You know, we’ll hate each other. We’ll have three-hour car rides where no one says a word to each other. We just look out at the foliage because it’s beautiful outside but then we’ll go to Sierra Nevada Brewery and have a flight of beer and it’s fantastic and we’re hugging again.


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