Spare the time to spare change


Photo credit: Katia Berg

We are all guilty of walking past a donation box or skipping on giving the extra dollar at the checkout line. That guilt might not sit with us for long, but we should not lose sight of trying to assist those in need.

I understand that as college students we regularly break our piggy banks to find extra 30 cents to buy some Ramen. I also know that someone out on the street is begging for that same 30 cents for the same reason.

There’s no way that we can all have the cash on hand to give to every person asking for a dollar, and I don’t expect everyone to give every time a donation plate or box is put in front of them. I do think that we can give a little more sometimes and not pass up on the extra dollar every time.

Tuition costs, textbooks and the general cost of living in Chico is not a small fee. Along with what we pay as students, there’s also a problem with job scarcity. The large amount that we pay and the uncertainty of having a steady income makes us more desperate for that extra dollar sometimes.

However, there are occasions when we have money. I do love getting a new-color nail polish, but then I realize I don’t need them. Places like the Butte Humane Society might need that money more to keep sheltering the abandoned animals in our community.

There’s plenty of chances to be generous in the world, not just by giving to the people on the street. The donation boxes at places like Panda Express and Safeway only ask for your spare change.

There’s always the fear of scams and issues with people not using the money effectively, but supporting local fundraisers or charities is a great way to give to the community and know your money is going to the right place.

Sure the box on the counter in front of you might seem daunting or demanding, but it’s for a good cause. We all occasionally really need the spare change, but in the times we don’t we should be focused on helping organizations that do.

Sophia Robledo-Borowy can be reached at [email protected] or @sophhhia3 on Twitter.