Gambino’s, “Awaken, My Love!” sends powerful message


The multi-talented rapper, comedian and actor Donald Glover, better known as Childish Gambino, released his third studio album, “Awaken, My Love!” last month. Critics and music lovers everywhere raving about his newly developed sound.

With 11 soul-infused tracks, Gambino has made a unique mark on the hip-hop and rap world. The body of work covers varying topics of love, relationships, injustice, family and life motivation. This album stands out from Gambino’s two other previous works by adding a funky and soulful flavor that induces ’70s nostalgia.

“Awaken, My Love!” starts off by addressing the current divided state of the country and expressing pain resulting from social injustice and police brutality. With tracks such as “Have Some Love” and “Boogieman,” Gambino expresses his deeply felt emotions and frustrations through powerful verses that suggest we come together and lend out a helping hand.

Gambino later transitions into more personal stories of his relationships and family with tracks such as “Redbone” and “Baby Boy.” These songs delve into a side of Gambino that fans have never seen before. Throughout the album, he dedicates his purpose and motivation to his newborn son, his girlfriend and parents. The ones that taught him everything that he knows today.

Music critics and fellow peers of Gambino gave high praise for the album’s production, his excellent vocal range and the meaningful message behind the album title. Not only does “Awaken, My Love!” cater to rap fans, but it also features a wide range of old school soul, funk, R&B, psychedelic rock and psychedelic soul.

The tracks on “Awaken, My Love!” are 2017 anthem-worthy and are a prime example of artistic and creative music.

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