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Review: Jack Hanna takes audiences Into the Wild

Strapped with safari gear, exotic animals from around the world, and our American symbol the bald eagle filled Laxson Auditorium Friday night for Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild.

“I’ve been called an encyclopedia of misinformation but animals are my passion,” said Hanna.

Hanna’s passion began when he was 11 working for the family veterinarian cleaning cages but he didn’t mind because he loved being around the animals. When he was 16, Hanna visited the Knoxville zoo where he dreamed of becoming a zookeeper. After many years, his desire transformed and he became a keeper at Columbus Zoo.

“The zoo is number 1 in the nation. Hard work, enthusiasm and my parents supported my dream,” said Hanna.

Known for his shows such as Animal Adventures and Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown, he travels around the world exploring jungles and the animal kingdom.

“My favorite place is Rwanda, Africa where me and my family traveled to the mountains to watch a family of gorillas including the silverback,” said Hanna.

The show began with Hanna’s travel clips to different countries. He then presented animals such as the African porcupine, lemurs, kangaroos, an alligator, a camel, the Madagascar cockroach and an African serval cat.

“The serval cat can catch a bird in flight 6-8 feet in the air. Their eye spots behind the ear are mistaken as real eyes so predator won’t attack,” said Hanna.

Chicoan Dan Breedon and his son Garret had a father son outing Friday night and were excited to see which animals were on the tour.

 “I liked the different variety of animals they had on stage and his videos were very intriguing,” said Breedon. “The camel was my favorite,” said Garret.

Chico Central Day students Zori Taylor and Olivia Clark enjoyed the show with their families.

“The Bloopers were so funny, especially when the orangutan kissed him,” said Taylor.

“My favorite animal was the slow Loris because it looked like a tiny panda,” said Clark.

For more information on Jack Hanna check out his new show “Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown” on ABC Network and his website


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