Wildcat of the Week


Jalen Mcferren is the starting point guard for the Chico State men’s basketball team. He is averaging almost 12 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists per game. He is also shooting 91 percent from the free throw line.Though his team has lost 3 games in a row, it is to no fault of Mcferren. He is one of the leaders of this team and has really come on strong over the last five games, averaging over 15 points per game.


“What are your goals for the rest of the season?”

” We want to finish the last four games of league play with wins and get into a rhythm as a team going into the tournament. Ultimately we want to win the tournament, go into regionals and compete for a championship.”

“How does the team plan to get back on track after losing 3 games in a row?”

“We’ve held a lot of meetings. Meetings with just the players, meetings for the team captains, and player-coach meetings as well.We have a solid group of guys that want to win. When we’re playing at our best we can beat anyone, right now it’s just about getting back on the same page with each other.”


“How do you want to be remembered in Chico once your career is finished?”

“I want to be the best point guard that ever played here. I want to have the most wins and win a championship. I also want to be remembered as a good teammate, a leader, and an outstanding member of the community. I honestly just want to win. I have individual goals as well but really it’s all about the teams success.”

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