Interview with rapper and producer Jae


Jae during his interview with Niyat. Photo credit: Natasha Doron

Niyat Teferi

San Diego based artist Jae is making moves in Chico and performed a show at the 1078 gallery last Friday.

Hosted by Underhouse Music label, Jae performed alongside with rapper Calex from their collaborative EP “The Practice.” The performance included songs from their project such as “Poppin” and “OMG.”

Jae plans to release a solo project by the end of this summer and is ready to showcase his talent to the world.

Tell everyone who you are and what you do.

My name is Jae and I’m an Underhouse rapper and producer from San Diego, CA.

Jae during his interview with Niyat. Photo credit: Natasha Doron

How did you get started with music?

I started in 7th grade when I was writing poetry in class. From there on, it seems to have progressed into song lyrics and ever since, I never looked back.

What is Underhouse music and how did you get your connections with them?

Underhouse is a music label here in Chico that I’m currently signed to. They put on great shows and have a lot of talented up and coming musicians. My best friend Yandi is part of Underhouse and was the one who encouraged me to join and do music with him.

What made you move up here to Chico to do music?

Well, when I graduated high school, I stayed back home in San Diego, and everyone else came up here to attend school. For three years, all my friends were doing their label stuff up here. I was going back and forth to Chico performing shows and started to consider just being here full time. This past year, I moved up here and it’s been great working on projects with Underhouse.

What’s the energy like in Chico compared to anywhere else you’ve performed?

When I first did shows in Chico, I noticed that everyone is super accepting of everyone. For musicians down in SoCal, you have to be solidified and it always feels like a competition thing. Everyone out here, however, is trying to do their own thing and come up so it’s definitely a respect factor.

How do you write and produce songs in the studio and what’s that process like?

I’m more of a “in the moment” person, so whatever I’m feeling in the moment is what I create.

What are your shows like when you perform up on stage?

I’d say my shows are really hyped and turned up. I like to make sure the crowd is having fun and that there’s a lot of energy in the building. It’s always a fun time.

Jae performs at 1078 Gallery. Photo credit: Natasha Doron


What are some projects you are currently working on individually or with Underhouse?

I have an EP with fellow Underhouse artist Calex called “The Practice” that should be dropping either this month or next month. As for me individually, I might drop a tape this summer as well so stay tuned for that!

You can listen to Jae’s music on and follow his Twitter at @jae760.

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