Crazy campus experiences


First-year student Enrique Gonzalez Photo credit: Kyra Stemplinger

The Orion asked people to describe their most ridiculous first-year Chico State experiences. All of the interviewed people are currently students at Chico State and have given permission to include their names, pictures and quotes for the article.

“I had come back from break and was with my roommate and we were talking. All of the sudden she goes ‘oh, I forgot to empty my trash, I should do that right now.’

She gets one large trash bag to put everything in because she hadn’t put a trash bag in originally. I’m holding the giant trash bag for her and she grabs the trash bin and flips it over and dumps all the trash in.

She then puts the trash bin down on the floor, and her face turns pale. On the very bottom of the trash can was a flattened mouse.

This was the third or fourth mouse we found in her trash can. It was so smushed to the bottom of the trash can that it wouldn’t come out. We go outside and get to the second door and I told my roommate to hold the door so I could throw the bag.
I open the door, and I almost had a panic attack, because I’m holding the trash can and the alarm starts going off. It was louder than the fire alarm. I flung the trash bag into the dumpster and it somehow made it in there, I think, and I was on the verge of tears.”

First-year student Eliza Kern Photo credit: Kyra Stemplinger

“One of my friend’s parents’ got him a condo. Outside of class, my friend doesn’t meet a lot of people. Another friend of ours is walking along and these two little kids start talking to him, asking if he’s the hookup.

They were trying to buy tree from him. He keeps saying no, and finally, the kids go okay you suck and they go away. He runs into the two little kids again and they keep asking over and over so finally, he calls my friend with the condo. They did their business and left after exchanging snapchats.

Everyone had to leave to class, but my friend with the condo forgot to lock anything up. An hour later, he goes back to the condo and the window’s wide open and he realizes all of the food is gone, most of his stuff is gone and all of his money is gone. Overall, they probably took about $250 worth of stuff.”

First-year student Andrew Everett. Photo credit: Kyra Stemplinger

“I used to work at a fast food place in my home town and there was this odd tweaker lady that would come to the restaurant and start smashing stuff, she was also super racist. She would say racial slurs and mock people. One day, she just went missing.

During my first semester in Chico, I had just parked in the general parking next to the arts building. I was passing by the bus stop and I noticed someone over there kind of tweaking, so I just kept walking. She was mocking people of different races and I was looking at her and I was like wait a minute, that’s the tweaker from my home town.”

First-year student Enrique Gonzalez Photo credit: Kyra Stemplinger

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