C-SPAN visits Chico State

C-SPAN visits Chico State. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

C-SPAN visits Chico State. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

The C-SPAN 2017 Cities tour visited Chico State from March 4-8 to speak to students and instructors.

C-SPAN, which is in partnership with Comcast, takes on an outreach initiative by traveling to select cities and communities. Their goal is to meet with college students and professors in order to introduce C-SPAN’s online free resources.

Representatives may meet with video production, political science, journalism, public policy and education majors on campus. They will also conduct educator workshops for teaching resources.

“…that’s our initiative to get outside Washington D.C. and produce programming, in cities around the country, that highlight their literary scenes and history,” said Ashley Hill, Producer and Community Relationships Representative of the C-Span Cities Tour.

Programming throughout their visit will be recorded in Chico and will air April 1-2 on C-SPAN3 American History TV (AHTV) and C-SPAN2 BookTV.

Any further information on C-SPAN is available on their Cities Tour website.

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