Hillary’s disappearing act is unacceptable


Photo credit: Chase Falk

Kyra Stemplinger

While the country remains divided since the recent presidential election, one question that lingers on everyone’s mind is where is Hillary Clinton now?

Clinton is “living every New Yorker’s dream,” according to Town and Country magazine. She was reported to have hiked the trails near her home and then to have moved on to experience musical Broadway.

She was seen on Twitter most recently posting a dig at Trump. She tweeted “#3-0,” to draw attention to Trump’s wanted Travel Ban failing at the hands of the federal judges.

Besides that, Clinton has hardly done anything to represent the people she once promised to support. After losing the election, she was said to have kept a low profile. The Week UK reported rumors of Clinton having agreed to write a series of essays about her career in politics, but there is no sign of this having started yet.

Although Clinton has stayed under the radar, President Donald Trump has been broadcasting his message globally with the help of Twitter.

Trump has resorted to Twitter for every issue, predominantly addressing the issue of “fake news.”

Bernie Sanders is constantly tweeting against Trump, bringing light to his faulty policies. Some of these tweets include claims against Steve Bannon, who Sanders claims to be unfit and urgently needs to be removed.

Sanders uses his political power to bring the wants of the voiceless to a higher attention. He is using Twitter in a similar way to Trump, but instead, is attacking the President through his own platform.

Sanders calls focus to climate issues, equality issues and discrimination. He can also be seen offscreen, debating the importance of healthcare for the people or minimum wage.

Sanders did not lose hope or stop carrying out his promises regardless of his defeat. Clinton promised more than to appreciate Broadway shows and has not been fulfilling that role. Her disappearance from the public eye brings about speculation to whether or not she carries the same attributes as that of a sore loser.

According to her interview with Zach Galifianakis early last Fall, she was going to “try to prevent [Trump] from destroying the United States.”


Although Galifianakis’ show “Between two ferns” is meant to be comical, Clinton did use it as a political platform to spread her message. She still has yet to deliver on any of the things she promised, including speaking out against Trump in the same way that Sanders has.

Sanders tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed, and neither has Hillary’s absence as a representative of this country. This brings about suspicions as to how much we could’ve really trusted her if she had made it into office.

Post-election Bernie Sanders is not only an avid Twitter user but an actively fighting representative for the people and the rights they deserve. Though he was quickly eliminated from the political race, he has not given up on his efforts to make positive change for the nation, which is seemingly becoming more and more needed every day.

The election may be over, but the actions of the candidates after winning or losing speaks volumes about how they would have performed as our president. There are more things to improve on now than there have been in years, and Hillary’s helping hand is nowhere to be seen.

Kyra Stemplinger can be reached at [email protected] or @TheOrion_News on Twitter.