March is the month for Cinema in 2017


March offers a great number of movies in 2017 Photo credit: George Johnston

George Johnston

March has been called the season of madness. It’s insane how many good movies are coming out this month, and because of the vastly different selection offered, March will go down as the best movie month of 2017.

Hugh Jackman’s last stand as Wolverine in “Logan” kicked March off. A.A. Dowd of the AV Club said Logan managed to “deliver the visceral goods all the hardcore Wolverine action its fans could desire, while still functioning as a surprisingly thoughtful, even poignant drama—a terrific movie.”

The film sits at a fresh score of 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and has made close to half a billion dollars at the box office. March started with a bang in its first week with Logan and continued the streak with “Kong: Skull Island.”

Kong Skull: Island will not win best picture at the Oscars, but that doesn’t change the fact watching monsters fight each other in the backdrop of Vietnam was incredibly entertaining.

Kong had the feel of a great summer blockbuster to enjoy. It’s fresh on Rotten tomatoes and has, so far, made enough money fit for a king.

After two weeks of fun popcorn flicks, the third week of March keeps delivering the most diverse choices for moviegoers. Audiences could choose between seeing “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Belko Experiment,” and “Trainspotting 2.”

Each movie is fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. If someone desires to see a romance musical, horror or drama film, these options are perfect.

March closes its final two weeks with “Power Rangers,” a nostalgic trip for ‘90s kids, “Ghost in the Shell,” a problematic adaptation of an anime classic, “Life,” a sci-fi horror film, and “CHiPs,” a remake of the ‘70s tv show. This lineup might not be the greatest, but March is still ending strong.

Some may say July will still be best movie month of the year with a large amount of good films coming out, but March has something July does not: diverse options each week for theater goers.

With all things considered from the movie lineup and positive reviews coming out each week, March is the best movie month of 2017.


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