‘Power Rangers’ needs help morphing into the 21st Century


“Power Rangers” did not morph into a good time. The re-creation of many ‘90s kid’s fantasy was rife with too much action, some comedy and downright boredom.

“Power Rangers” followed the TV show’s plot of five teenagers discovering that their town will soon be attacked by aliens, and they are chosen to save it.

Though the nostalgia of the film was amusing and took every ‘90s kid back to their glory days, the film ultimately turned out over-cooked and long-winded. It took 35 minutes to get all five of the rangers in the same scene, let alone for them to discover that they are heroes who battle robots and aliens.

After an hour-and-a-half of waiting and a near death situation, the rangers finally discover how to morph into their armor.

The heart of the crew, Billy, the blue ranger played by RJ Cyler brings much levity and heart to this otherwise boring film. He really made the part his own.

Elizabeth Banks tries her best to convey the menacing villain, Rita Repulsa, but even her skills can’t overcome the campiness of the film. Even cameos from the original power rangers were bland and underwhelming.

The conclusion of the film is overloaded with nonsensical action to compensate for the lack of plot for the prior hour and 50 minutes.

Lionsgate, the company that owns the rights to the film, wants to make as many as seven sequels. Zordon help us.

I give this film three out of five stars.

Kayla Fitzgerald can be reached at [email protected] or @kaylafitz_20 on Twitter.