University to receive $3 million from tuition hike


CSU Tuition Increases Photo credit: Daniel Wright

The $270 per student tuition increase is estimated to net Chico State $3 million in new revenue, according to Chico State Budget Director Jeni Kitchell .

Chico State receives its funding primarily from two sources: the State and student tuition.

Chico State receives 4 percent from the CSU system, an allotment which is determined by the number of students Chico State serves. The number of students paying tuition at Chico State should roughly generate a $3 million increase in tuition revenue.

Chico State will have some, but not full autonomy when it comes to spending the new revenue from the tuition increase, according to Kitchell.

Items in Chico State’s budget like compensation and other mandatory spending are dictated by the CSU system, and the CSU might require that the new revenue are put towards the 2025 Graduation initiative.

Chico State will determine its own strategies to reach the benchmarks laid out in the CSU 2025 Graduation initiative.

“Expansion of courses and additional staff for supplemental instruction” is a short-term goal laid out in 2025 Graduation Initiative.

How Chico State will approach these goals will be determined by a committee made up of both Academic and Student Affairs representatives.

“The campus plan includes short-term efforts designed to improve decision-makers’ and students’ access to information that enables timely progress to degree,” states the Chico State initiative website.

Exactly how much funding that will be available for the Graduation Initiative is still undetermined. After the 77.5 million dollars generated by the tuition increase the CSU system still has a 90-million-dollar shortfall.

“State funding is still part of the puzzle,” stated Jeni Kitchell, Budget Director.

Governor Brown will be revising his budget proposal and May and the official state budget will be adopted in June.

“We are hoping that the state funds us more so we can fund (the 2025 Graduation Initiative),” Kitchell said.

By Fall 2017 funding will be determined for the CSUs and the steps Chico State will be taking towards the 2025 Graduation Initiative will be implemented, Kitchell said.

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