Protesters clash on campus


Bee Crosswhite opposes pro-life protester. Photo credit: George Johnston

Jacqueline Morales

Gender Sexuality Equity Center students stood in opposition to views on abortion with the off-campus organization Project Truth April 10.

In an attempt to inform students, Project Truth tabled on campus handing out magazines with images showing baby fetus’ after abortion. GSEC students claimed the images being distributed were inaccurate.

“We are out here because we want to say that what they are doing is wrong. They are promoting false images about abortion and as you can see by the pamphlet that they give you. It is false pictures and false testaments about what they’re doing,” said Vall Flores a student intern for GSEC.

Project Truth is an organization based on educating college campuses all over the state to inform students about abortion.

“It’s not a protest. We are not angry at women. That’s what people will often charge us with,” said Ed a volunteer for Project Truth. “We think that it’ll impact those women who are trying to decide if they become pregnant.”

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