Cleaning crews clear fallen tree

Photo credit: Sean Martens

Photo credit: Sean Martens

Michael Groom was sitting at home April 7 when he received a call from University Police. The call told Groom a tree, near a bridge on Chico State’s campus, was ready to collapse.

The tree already had fallen by the west end of the counting bridge when Groom arrived on campus.

Groom has two theories as to why the alder tree fell. The tree had either succumbed to its own weight due to the fact it grew on the side of the creek. Or, it could have been invasive wisteria vines that grew on the tree and dragged it down.

“There’s was no damage,” said Groom “One of the branches was hanging over the bridge, we cut that away so it was useable.”

After Richard’s Tree service, a company Chico State contracts for large plant maintenance, finishes clearing the fallen debris, the bridge will be fully open to the public again.

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