There’s more than bunnies under top hats

courtesy photo

courtesy photo

On April 5th, the Laxson Auditorium held a magic show hosted by the popular Australian duo known as the “Naked Magicians.”

The Naked Magicians consisted of two handsome, talented magicians that tour all around the world, showcasing their magic tricks and sex appeal. Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler got their first start in the entertainment industry, working on TV and radio stations across their native country of Australia.

They teamed up to perform magic shows. But there is a little twist. They decided to heat things up on stage and perform all of their tricks naked. The raunchiness and R-rated content of their shows have brought eyes and attention from everywhere.

The 90 minute show started off with the two magicians fully clothed and ready to demonstrate their eye candy magic. Almost every act involved audience participation and enthusiasm from the crowd. Some tricks proved to be shocking, as they recovered an audience member’s smashed cell phone and put back together a rope that was cut into pieces.

As the night went on, Wayne and Tyler cracked hilarious jokes, danced and brought a ton of funny wit and humor to the stage. The audience, however, were starting to get antsy as they were anticipating for the men to strip down.

The Wayne and Tyler poked fun at how long it was taking for them to get naked. Nonetheless, they insisted that the buildup and anticipation of their striptease was the icing of the cake.

The audience, mostly dominated by women, attended the show with either their close girlfriends or dragged their unlucky significant other to tag along with them. Some lucky female participants got to go up on stage and were personal assistants to the magicians. Those same participants received lap dances from the two boys, making every girl in the room jealous.

A highlight of the show was when each member of the audience received a small red envelope when walking into the auditorium. Inside were four different photographs of Wayne and Tyler. Both of them instructed the crowd to tear up the pictures into little pieces, shuffle them together, pick two and put them together without looking. To everyone’s surprise, the two pieces that each person picked happened to match up together. This, among many other fascinating tricks, proved the two magicians weren’t just all looks but were also clever and talented as well.

The grand finale occurred when the boys finally decided to take it all off. With sexy and upbeat music playing in the background, they stripped off their fancy tuxes and bared it all for the audience. The crowd’s reaction of excitement and eagerness was more present than ever. Showing off their muscular abs, the guys continued on with their crazy mayhem and magic for all to enjoy.

The “Naked Magicians” put on a fantastic show and gave magic fans a real treat. From their illusory tricks to their charming good looks Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler did a phenomenal job in bringing their naughty magic to the city of Chico.

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