Why everybody is listening to Father John Misty


Pure Comedy album art

Anisha Brady

For those unfamiliar or lightly confused: No, “Father John Misty” is not a cult leader. He is a moniker of Josh Tillman, a mastermind lyricist and musician.

Tillman just released his newest album, “Pure Comedy”—an urgent outcry for humans to reevaluate their purpose on Earth. He is the man behind two other ingenious, society deprecating compilations of music.

While it’s easy to assume that this “Father John Misty” character is another woe-is-me, dooms-day-is-near pessimist, there is a lot of truth to “Pure Comedy.”

Thanks to the current political and cultural climates, it’s difficult to believe that the world won’t implode on itself. Tillman ridicules a national addiction to social media and consumerism while calling out overbearing religious institutions, mocks homophobes, hipsters and the one percents as he predicts the end of the world via ice age.

The breadth of topics Tillman confronts in his latest album is vast. In short, he jabs at virtually every superficial, self-destructive facet of humanity’s current condition and questions his position among the chaos.

While the music and melodies alone are touching, the artistry is ultimately found in the words.

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Studio album Fear Fun Art


“Father John Misty” is popular amongst indie-rock music enthusiasts for his honesty. Though he may come off as a callous rebel without a cause, his lyrics indicate his intense emotion and ability to feel deeply.

“Pure Comedy” is an experience to say the least. Anybody who cares about the demise of the planet or current political atrocities should take a listen to this revelation of an album.

According to Tillman’s favorite philosopher, Kylie Jenner, “This year is really about the year of just realizing stuff.”

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